Services We Offer

Criminal Defense

Being accused and arrested for a crime is a scary situation for anyone. Our judicial system stacks the deck against the accused, which is why it is important to have an attorney willing to fight for your freedom. At Cunningham Law you will find two attorneys with actual jury trial experience that know the law and how to fight for their clients. The government will attempt to intimidate you and scare you; therefore, you need an attorney willing to stand up for you, argue for you, fight for you, to ensure you are treated fairly as guaranteed in the United States Constitution.


Many people do not understand the full consequences of being found guilty of Driving Under the Influence. Whether it be color code, a suspension of your driver’s license or installation of the new interlock device, you need an attorney that understands the process and has the experience of trying these types of cases in front of a jury. A DUI is not a simple charge and neither is the punishment and the attorneys at Cunningham Law have the experience and the skill to provide you the defense you need.

Drug Possession
Drug crimes are another area where the punishment can far outweigh the crime. Drug crimes are usually the result of a person’s disease rather than evidence of criminal intent. Too many times the citizens of our county begin a vicious cycle of money consuming arrests because they
were not provided an opportunity to treat their disease. They are left with no viable alternatives after being found guilty of a victimless crime because they are left with a suspended license, an order to complete color code and an incredible amount of fines and costs with no end in sight.
Allow the attorneys at Cunningham Law to represent you in these types of cases. We will both fight for your Constitutionally protected rights while acknowledging a sincere desire for your health and well-being. Do not let the government draw you into their cycle that is designed only
to take your money while ignoring the underlying cause of your issues. Let us help you.

A divorce or action for custody are emotional and traumatic times for a person. When children are involved there is no greater worry than the best interests of your child. You need someone to listen to you, fight for you, and to understand that family issues are deep to your heart. A
divorce is one of the most difficult circumstances to live through and your attorney needs to understand all of the issues surrounding you and your family. At Cunningham Law we strive to not only be a zealous advocate for your cause but also to help guide you through a terrifically
difficult process. We will answer your calls and questions and give your case the time it deserves.

A person without a Will is simply begging for his or her family to devolve into an argument upon their death. Too many times a deceased person’s family, no matter how close, will fall into the same trap. And it’s not as much about money as it is about items close to their hearts. Do your family a favor, prepare a will. At Cunningham Law allow us the honor of preparing a will that will plainly and simply outline your wishes. This will allow your family to better grieve their loss while ensuring all your wishes are met.

Personal Injury
Despite the flowery commercials, insurance companies are not our friends. They make money by accepting your premiums and then denying coverage after you have been hurt in a car accident. And when they are stuck and have to pay out money they will go to great lengths to force you to accept a settlement well below what your deserve. At Cunningham Law, gives the opportunity to recover for you the money you deserve. We have insurance for a reason and that is to compensate you for damages sustained because of the negligence of others. Receive the
money you deserve; receive the day in Court you deserve. Allow Cunningham Law to protect you.


No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.